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Who Shot First

Saloon Series

Saloon Series

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The Saloon Series is a space-western Star Wars inspired project, offering a little something for everyone.  Each piece is unique in style and medium, perfect for the Star Wars nerd or WSF Collector.   This project was brought to life with the assistance of our good friend and Vegas local artist @urbanlegends (on IG). 

Saloon Pieces 

  • Patch mat - 24" Long - lightweight fuzzy material, sub printed.  Material is just fuzzy enough to hold the patches, but not so much that it damages the mat or artwork.  Eyelets in each corner make it perfect for wall mounting without damaging the mat.
  • The Dancer – When Hera isn’t leading the Rebellion, she likes embracing her more sensual side thru the art of dance. The Dancer is a 6” Woven keychain featuring Max Rebo and the WSF Saloon sign.  A great accessory to any key ring, backpack or piece of luggage. (Image shown is front and back, you will only receive (1) piece)
  • The Droid- Wanted war criminal, Chopper, keeps a low profile as a cocktail cart. Odds are, he’ll still find a way to get into trouble. The Droid is a 2” PVC bottle opener with hook backing. Mount it to your favorite pack and you’ll never have to look for another bottle opener again!  (While these are functional bottle openers, they are also more of a collectible/novelty.  Excessive use will separate the metal opener from the PVC over time.) Limited to 100 Pieces
  • The Flirt – Is it business or pleasure? Either way, Ahsoka will get what she wants. The Flirt is a 3” Printed PVC Patch with hook backing. Limited to 100 Pieces
  • The Hunters – Boba and Mando must be off the clock. A bounty nearby, and they’re busy throwing back tropical cocktails.  Priorities, am I right?  The Hunters is a 4” metal printed patch, coated with epoxy, and hook backing. Limited to 100 Pieces
  • The Temptress – Cal is here for a good time, not a long time, and Merrin isn’t playing games. The Temptress is a 5.5” NSFW Embroidered patch with hook backing.  Limited to 100 Pieces
  • The Waitress – No better way to get intel for the Rebellion, than posing as a seductive waitress at the local watering hole. I’m sure the extra Credits will be well spent on things that go “boom.” The Waitress is 3.75” Woven patch with hook backing. Limited to 100 Pieces


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